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James Dowbiggin, piano tuner and technician, in his piano workshop where he repairs and tunes clients' instruments.

James Dowbiggin is a Canadian piano tuner and technician. After completing his Honours Bachelors of Music in Keyboards & Composition at Wilfrid Laurier University, he trained with piano technicians in Hamilton and Guelph, Ontario, and Halifax, Nova Scotia. Owning and operating JD Pianotech, he tunes and repairs pianos throughout Halton and Hamilton. James also works as a piano technician with Oxford Piano Service in Guelph, Ontario.

JD Pianotech has tuned pianos for an international community of artists, performers, and workers. In every instance, we provide the utmost care to our clients’ instruments. See our reviews and our service mandate to find out why our clients rely on our technician service.

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