Getting Your Piano In Tune

What Is Tuning?

The ~230 strings in your piano remain stable under great tension, producing a clear pitch and allowing dynamic precision with every key press. To control their tuning, every string’s tension is increased or decreased. Getting your piano in tune ensures that every note, interval, and chord can sing their best altogether. A tuning only requires one hour, if the piano has been serviced routinely. If it has not been tuned in a few years, the overall pitch must be raised back up to A440Hz, concert pitch. We will let you know during your appointment if any extra services such as regulation, repairs, or voicing should be performed.

When To Know It’s Time For A Tuning

When you get in tune with us, we keep you updated about when your next service is due. There are two simple ways to determine for yourself if your piano is in need of tuning. First, listen for clashing, unclear or harsh notes as you play them individually. If you can easily hear solo notes sounding unpleasant, they are out of tune. Trust your ears in this area — you don’t need “perfect pitch” or a “musician’s ear”. Second, do you recall how long it has been since the last time your piano was tuned? If it has been over six months since your last tuning, it is most likely due for another.

The Case For Routine Tuning

There are many reasons to get your piano in tune at least twice per year. If it is played regularly, the piano undergoes changing stress as the strings vibrate, like any stringed instrument. Of equal importance is the shift from warm, humid conditions to cold, dry ones. Each brings fluctuating effects to the tuning of your piano. However, your piano requires very specialized skill in order to be tuned well and sound its absolute best. As such, we recommend service at least twice per year if playing regularly.

Does A Piano Require Tuning After A Move?

Although it isn’t a ‘yes-no’ question, the simple answer is yes. Moving a piano between two different buildings absolutely demands tuning. Moving hundreds of meters across a school or large building likely requires tuning, if the transit was less-than-smooth. However, if moving from one room in a residential household to another room in the same house, it is unlikely to be in need of tuning. In this case, the move’s effects and relative humidity change will be so minimal that tuning could hardly be necessitated. Although we do not provide moving services, get in contact with us to connect with reliable service partners.

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