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We serve Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, and communities across the GTA. Below you will find our piano tuning, repair, and specialized services. Each service ensures your piano sounds its absolute best. If you need a piano tuner, contact us today and we will be ready to serve you.

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James Dowbiggin piano tuner and technician services a Kawai Grand piano in Hamilton, Ontario.

Tuning your piano’s ~230 strings to express its true voice. We tune each string so that every note, interval, and chord sings together. Your piano has a unique voice and can only show it with well-tuned strings. A tuning only requires one hour, if the piano has been serviced routinely. If it has not been tuned in a few years, it requires a Pitch Raise Tuning (see next option). We recommend tuning at least twice per year to account for the shift from warm, humid months to cold and dry months. In essence, a well-tempered set of strings produces an unmistakably clear and rich sound.
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Pitch Raise Tuning on a Steinway Model A grand piano.

Your instrument’s overall pitch fluctuates with seasonal humidity changes. Contraction and expansion of pivotal wood components adds and releases pressure on the strings, making their pitch move up and down respectively. In Canada especially, cold and dry weather drops pitch flat, while warmer, humid conditions lift it sharp. On top of that, every subsequent year without standard tuning drops a piano’s pitch flatter than the previous year. In response, our A440Hz Restoration Tuning tempers all strings to concert pitch so they sound as fresh as a newly tuned piano — even if the piano has not been tuned for over 10 years! As such, this service becomes a common necessity to keep heirloom pianos sounding their best.
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Piano key repair

Like all things, a piano is vulnerable to damage and degradation in many ways. Broken strings need replacing. Abused cabinetry needs detailing. Internal wood, felt, leather and metal parts break down with use. Upholding these components’ integrity is crucial to maintaining a piano’s health. We offer consultation and options for repair on many levels.
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Piano action and keyboard regulation. Hamilton, Ontario.

As your piano is played, its moving parts gradually shift. Regulation re-calibrates all playing mechanisms to their standard specification. Conditions vary between venues and so too does the amount of regulation periodically required. To account for this, we provide recommendations complementary with every tuning so that your keyboard sounds and feels its strongest.
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Piano hammer voicing service in Burlington, Ontario.

Your piano’s felt hammers give tone and dynamism to the sound. They can be “voiced up” or “voiced down” depending on the type of hammer and tone colour your piano is capable of. Firstly, string marks in hammer head felt are removed and refaced so an even strike point mates to each string. Sometimes, chemical intervention is required to restore a hammer’s resilience so it delivers energy efficiently into the strings. Regulating the keyboard and action to a piano’s voice enhances dynamics in a pianist’s touch. Thus, hammer voicing finely adjusts tone per note to the pianist and technician’s desired outcome; well-voiced hammers reflect the piano’s unique sound and as a result, the ideal tone occurs with every key press.
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Grand piano vacuum and cleaning.

We vacuum and clear all areas in your piano that are affected by debris, dirt and dust buildup. On grand pianos, this includes underneath the strings on the soundboard. On an upright, the lower half of your piano cabinet has an entire section devoted to the pedals and string hitch pins. In each of these parts, a thorough vacuum sweep is important to keep your instrument from gathering buildup and unwanted noises.


Providing decades of climate protection for your piano, the Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver System lives up to its name. This system can be installed on both grand and upright pianos. When 40-45% room humidity cannot be maintained, as can be the case in schools, churches or concert venues, this system is a must.
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Grand piano appraisal and assessment for sale or general inquiry.

You may be wondering what working condition your piano is in, no matter its age. For this, we inspect and assess all playing parts and sound-related components. Although we perform this with every tuning, a thorough report is sometimes required to keep you updated on your piano’s status. If you are in the market to sell your piano, an appraisal is crucial to knowing the market value and prospects to move forward.

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